Thursday, November 09, 2006

Time really flies

Hello everybody.

A time for an update, don´t you agree. I´ve been so busy reading school books and articles and writing assignments the last month that time has just passed away. It will be like this until the end of the month. I´ve got 2 papers due, first one on November 28th and the second one on November 30th. But then I´ve got the whole of December and the first week of January off and I am sure going to enjoy it.

I´ve tried to make time for a little stitching as well just to keep myself from turning crazy. I´ve managed to work on three RR pieces. Here are some pictures enclosed.

This is a Santa stitched for Charlene´s RR.

This one is for Sharee´s RR.

And the last one is for Sandra´s RR.

I also did two small pieces but I can´t show them here as they have been sent off as a gift for a friend who might be looking at this blog.

Well, I guess I´ll end this now, sorry about the difficult lighting in some of the pictures, this was the best I could do.

See you later.