Sunday, September 24, 2006

I haven´t disapeared

Hello everybody.

I´m still here but now with limited time to stitch. I´m currently working on a model that I have almost finished so there will be no pictures of it - not yet. I´ve also been doing a little for a RR I´m a part of. I can´t wait to finish this model and send it off to the designer. Then I´ll have a lot more time for my own stuff. Am planning to get into some sort of a routine again.

My courses at the University have started again. This semester I have enrolled in two courses which will keep me very busy but will at the same time enable me to have next summer completely free (I love that idea). There is a lot of reading to do and an assignment due tomorrow but that is all taken care of. :-)

The girls are doing great, the older two are working hard at school and enjoying it at the same time. The little one is growing a lot. She has got quite a temper and wants to decide what is to be done - she amuses me a lot - it is so much fun to watch her and see how quickly she is learning new things. She is crawling all over the place now and stands up everywhere so she has to be watched completely when she is awake. :-)

This weekend was lovely - we went to a show yesterday - it was a famous Icelandic singer called Björgvin Halldórsson that we went to see and we enjoyed it a lot. :-)

I´m off for now, I´ll try to post more often from now on, it doesn´t take that long.

Take care and have a lovely week.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

UFO - The postman

I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours last night to work on my UFO. It is going slowly but surely is all I can say. I´m adding a picture after last night but I´m afraid it doesn´t show a lot of progress.

Healthwise, everybody are on their feet again but a lot of caughing and sneezing around the house.

Till later, bye.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sick family

Well, it is official - the autumn has arrived (at least it has in our house). Everybody in the family is sick. It started with me on wednesday and then the rest of the family got sick as the days passed and today we are all under the weather. I´m almost back to normal which leaves me running around trying to keep everybody else comfortable. I´ll be happy once this is over - I hardly slept a wink last night because my little one was miserable with stuffy nose and running a fever.

So, not much happening with my stitching, well, I managed to complete part one of a little projects which has to remain a secret for now so no picture of it just yet. It comes in 3 parts and I have part 2 almost completely stitched, only backstitch left to do.

Happy news, I received my grades for 3 small assignments and am over the moon with the results.

Well, off to take care of my youngest one as she is awake from her nap.

Talk to you all later.