Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year to you all

This might be the last post for this year, I´m not sure. I am working on a small project which I hope to finish off tonight. If I do I will post a picture of it before the end of the year.

But I wanted to send you a belated wishes for Christmas. I hope you´ve spent wonderful Christmas time with your family and friends. And I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you´ll get lots of time to stitch on your projects.

I´ll end this post with a Christmas picture of my little girls. I haven´t posted a picture of them for a long time. Hjalmfridur Briet is the oldest she is 9 years old, Fridbjorg Lilja is next in the age line, she is 6 and half years old and the youngest one is Johanna Brynja who will turn 1 year old on January 10th.

More photos from December

Well, I did manage to stitch some more in December, mostly RR´s that got finished.

Here is one stitched for Melissa

And another one stitched for Teresa

Here is one for Margaret

And the last photo is an ornament from the JCS Ornament magazine 2006. I just have to finish this into an ornament, not sure how yet, any ideas would be appreciated.

Some photos

Hello everybody.

Thought I´d keep the last entry short in case it would get lost. :-)

I wanted to post photos of the needle cushion and scissor fob that I stitched for Donni as gifts in the Advent Calendar Exchange. This was the first time that I stitch and make up a needle cushion and a scissor fob and I am very proud of the outcome.

This is a design from Carol Tinson which can be found online here:

Pin cushion and Scissor Fob

I just love her designs. I´ve signed up for her mystery sampler 2007 which I am going to make into a huswife. You might be wondering what a huswife is - well it is a fancy needlecase - as Carol puts it herself in the description. It will be stitched with Vikki Clayton hand dyed silk threads on Polstitches Hand Dyed 28ct Linen. I can´t wait to start this project. This will contain lots of new skills to learn as Carol uses quite a few speciality stithes for her designs but her instructions are so easy to follow and extra support in her message forum if needed.

Well here are the photos.

Here is the front

And this is the back.

I notice now when I look at the photos that I made a mistake when taking the photo of the back. I must have forgot to turn the scissor fob over because it is the same. Well, you´ll just have to use your imagination. :-) LOL

Here we go again

I got so frustrated the other night when I was trying to post an update and my post blew away somehow. You´ve got to love Blogger when that happens. Anyway, here I am again hoping it will be better this time.

I´ve got to be the worst blogger ever but December just passed away so quickly.

I wanted to update you all on the advent calendar exchange. This is the biggest exchange I´ve ever taken part in but also the most interesting and fun of them all. I loved it and would do it again.

Day 3 - I received stickers with beautiful blue skies
Day 4 - A yellow highlight marker
Day 5 - A skein of black DMC
Day 6 - Number for DMC threads
Day 7 - A piece of Snickers (yummy bite with my coffee)
Day 8 - An ornament for my tree, made of glass like a tassel and it glistens when the light hits it
Day 9 - A pen - much needed as I always loose mine around the house
Day 10 - A needle threader
Day 11 - A pink highlight marker
Days 12 - 16 DMC threads in different colours - love those
Day 17 - Another skein of DMC floss
Day 18 - A small notebook
Day 19 - A stamped ornament for my Christmas Tree
Day 20 - A skein of DMC floss
Day 21 - A bookmark fabric to stitch on
Day 22 and 23 - More DMC
Day 24 - A piece of Snickers (again a yummy treat with my morning coffee)
Day 25 brought me the biggest gift which was a pattern from Heaven and Earth. I love it, it is called Fire in the Soul Storykeep and is a design by Michele Sayetta. This one goes straight to my ever growing to do pile. I´ll have to get my stitching moving in order to get to finish everything I´d like to do.

Thanks a lot for all the wonderful gifts Donni that you´ve sent me for the advent calendar exchange. I feel really spoilt and it was fun to receive gifts every morning for almost a month.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas cleaning and first decorations up

Well, I´ve spent today cleaning the house and it was high time too. I´ve been dusting, cleaning windows and putting up lights. Tomorrow is my oldest daughters birthday, she already turned 9 years old on November 28th but we are having family over tomorrow for coffee and cakes.

No stitching done today at all - hopefully I´ll be able to sit down with something to stitch tomorrow evening after the party.

Advent Calendar: Today I received a skein of White DMC floss. I´m very happy about this because it is a colour I always run out of, thanks a lot Donni.

Have a nice day today.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Christmas Holiday finally

I wonder if anyone reads this blog, well, there hasn´t been much action lately in here.

I´m going to try to write a little every day in December. I handed in my paper for my course at the Uni today so I am officially on a Christmas Holiday until next course starts on January 8th, 2007. I´m so happy to have some time off, I´ve been working like crazy during the last weeks.

I wanted to tell you about an exchange that I took part in on one of the stitching groups I am a member of. It is an advent calendar and I got assigned a wonderful partner for this exchange who lives in USA. The idea was to send 24 small presents all wrapped up and one a little bigger present to be opened on December 25th. Well, today was the first day and this is what I received. This is a nifty gadget for stitching. It is a Magnetic Needle Case which will be very handy when I´m stitching away from home. Thanks Donni. Keep checking in with me to see what other little gifts I receive.

Until tomorrow have a nice day and take care. I´m going out to dinner with my husband getting a much needed night out to relax. :-)